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Romantic Camping for excellence, very appreciated for the cleaning, the calm for a serene vacation in the green of the sweetest and beloved country of the Val Trebbia.

The uncontaminated green of secular chestnuts wood, the crystalline water of the river, that flows alone 50 meters away from the camping, makes itvery suggestive. The camping is completely absorbed in the green, a green that makes it fresh and relaxing the whole season, a green that you would ever wait yourself, kind if from tourist you are usual to cross, more quickly and distractedly possible, the highways to the time of one weekends or a painted vacation of blue. And you don't know how much you lose, or tourist, that enough few to combine to the charm of the lawns, of the green hills the discovery of a luxuriant and intact world, in which the traditions withstand the cement, the nature offers interesting foreshortenings and the stress, really doesn't exist. We aren't speaking about the island that doesn't exist, but of a green, true and veracious reality: Camping Le fontanelle.

Situated on the national street 45, very comfortable to reach from the Hightway exits (east Busalla Genova, Blackboard, Piacenza) to half road between Piacenza and Genoa, the camping is an exceptional point of departure to visit the aquarium and the historical center in Genoa, the coast of east (Camogli, Portofino, Saint Margherita) all attainable ones from a very panoramic road in about 50 minutes. In the immediate proximities of the camping possibility of numerous excursions in mountain bike and trekking, in season it fishes, chestnuts and mushrooms. The camping has shuttle for the transport of the customers in organized visits both to the sea that in mountain.

The camping has ample shaded grassy spaces and sunny for the curtains; a special level space for camper and trailer; bungalow and for the most demanding, possibility of to spend a night in very comforting double rooms.

The Camping is gifted besides of the Fast Food and Disk pub Le fontanelle, that offers numerous opportunities of relaxation and fun to its customers, for all the ages. Pizzeria in the proximities.