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Our camping, as said, is endowed of every comfort to guarantee a pleasant vacation. The guarded parking in night times as well, the two Barbecue, the sandwich-bar and the discoteque are available to all customers.

Below there are some small rules to observe for guarantee an ordered, pacific, happy and equable use of the structure.
Stay in the camping implicates the total acceptance of the present rule.
The non-observance of the rule involves the leaving from the field of the transgressor. They owe to also be respected all the indications specific presents in the camping.

Acceptance: To their arrival the guests have to deliver Their documents and to fill out the form for the Police of State
Rates: The applied rates are intended daily and they are exposed in glass showcase, done hi possible offers.
Motocars: The motorcars owe circular to footstep of man. The circulation is interdict in the schedules of silence however (13.00/15.00 and from the 23,00 at 08,00 o'clock).
Dogs and other animals: The dogs have to be always kept to the leash and you/they must be accompanies out of the camping for their needs or you/they must be uses the special tools (scopetta and pouch). The owners of animals have to exhibit the sanitary certificate. Possible damages gotten to third from animals are of complete responsibility of the owner.
Physician and infectious illnesses: The telephone numbers of the medical watch and the ambulance are exposed in glass showcase, near the Direction. Every infectious illness must have communicated to the Direction.
Cleanings: The garbage have to be picked in special sacks and deposited well closed in the special containers, sets out of the camping.